Fabulous Fashion Tape Instructions

Jo Thornton Tape Instructions and Safety Notes

If you've already bought or are looking to buy my tape, here are some tips to get the best out of it.

Please note, the tape is very sticky as it has to be.  The tape comprises is double-sided with one side wound around in the roll, and then a backing paper that needs to be removed that exposes the other side.  It can be difficult to get the backing off for some people so make sure you follow these tips and then the tips if you get, um, stuck!


1. You of course want your tape to stick nicely, so make sure you clean and dry the area that you'd like it to stick first.  I'd recommend spraying on your lovely perfume afterwards to be sure that it doesn't interfere. 

2. I find the best way is to unroll directly the amount you need onto the skin where you need it.  So with your nail, gently pull away a small amount from the roll and smooth it straight onto the skin where you want it to go, unrolling the roll as you go until the required length.  Then pull the roll away from your skin so that you don't cut yourself, trim with scissors and roll back up for use next time.  Others like to use clean hands (trying not to touch the tape too much) cutting the tape to the required size and then sticking to the skin.  If you are new to using tape, you can always have a try with the two methods on the back of your hand to see what feels best for you. 

3.  THE MOST IMPORTANT POINT!  It sounds obvious, but it's the bit that most of us miss in our rush to get out the door for our night out...make sure that you smooth it down firmly, especially at the corners.  You want the backing to come off well and for the tape to stay where you want it, so ensuring that it is well stuck before removing the backing is key.  

4.  If you can leave it for a few minutes to fully stick that would be great.  Go make yourself a drink, paint your nails or finish that circuit board you've been designing (no joke, I know you all have it in you).  

5.  If you are sticking the tape to hold some clothing down, make sure you pop that on next so you are ready to stick the two together.

6.  When ready, give the corners one more smooth and gentle pick the backing paper off.  

7. Once off, you can smooth the clothing to be stuck to it down and away you go!  



As with all tapes with backing paper, you might find one corner best.  If you try one and can't seem to get the backing away, just have a try on another corner and you should find that one more obliging (we all have our off days after all!).

When removing the tape from skin or clothing, you can carefully pick it off or soak it to make it release.  

To remove the tape from a firmer surface such as breast enhancers/chicken fillet or breast form prosthesis, dab a little baby oil onto some cotton wool or tissue and gently wipe away any sticky residue.

Some customers like to use an entirely different method, so feel free to give it a whirl.  Some peel the required amount trim it and stick one end on of their fingers.  They then peel the backing away there and then, leaving them with the fully exposed tape ready to put in place.  

If you have any other questions, just send me a message and I'd be happy to help.



Keep the product, backing paper and plastic bag away from children and pets as it is not a toy.

Keep the product away from fire and sources of ignition as it can be flammable.

If the product is accidentally ingested, consult medical help immediately. 

It is recommended to test a small amount of tape on your skin first in case of allergic reaction.  If you do experience a reaction, remove tape immediately, wash well with lukewarm water and consult your doctor if needed.

When you remove the tape you may find that it hurts as you pull out little hairs etc, just like a plaster.  To help minimise this you can try soaking the area with the tape in water first and then removing the tape.  

Not recommended for use on nipples on in the genital area.