Focus Group Questionnaire

  • What item/s have you ordered from Silicone Sally in the past?:
  • How many times have you bought something from our website?:
  • We sell products to enhance women\'s breasts, full breast forms, nipple covers/concealers double sided fashion tape. Do you think the name suits this?:
  • I sell to a lot of younger women of 18-40 years old, do you think the company name Silicone Sally would suit them?:
  • Do you think the name would suit women in the age range of 40+:
  • Do you think the name would suit transvestite customers?:
  • Do you think the name would suit post-mastectomy operation customers?:
  • Which of our product ranges do you think the name Silicone Sally is best suited to?:
  • If I was to post you a product for free to keep (a new or maybe existing product) would you be happy to have a chat with me on the phone about it?: