There is something phenomenally wonderful about a confident woman, but it sure can take us a while to find that something to give us the boost we need, sometimes. Feeling good is important; and that can be achieved in so many ways.

As your Fairyboob Mother, I've spent hours researching 'The Girl(s)' and how they make us feel.

I've been privileged enough to speak to people from all walks of life, and used their wisdom and my experience to create a diverse product line and support resources, so you can continue your confidence boosting journey.
Whether you are born female, trans, non-binary, dress for fun, are confident, unsure, getting married, a developing teen, post-breast feeding, menopausal, feeling body changes with age, have had a mastectomy, lumpectomy or anything else, I'm here to help. 

Why wait until tomorrow?  Let's get you feeling confident, together.

Have a look around, and if you don't know where to start, just send me a message. I'm here for you, confidentially and with love. 

My Product Categories
Breast Enhancers
Breast Enhancers AKA "Chicken Fillets"
Boobylicious Breast Form and Breast Enhancer Tape
Boobylicious Tape - Adhesive for breast enhancers and prostheses
Clothing Adhesive Tape - For gaping tops/bra straps
Full Breast Form Pairs
Full Breast Form Prostheses in Pairs
Nipple Covers
Nipple Covers
Single Breast Forms
Single Full Breast Form Prosthesis - For Mastectomy
Asymmetry Breast Enhancers
Single Breast Enhancers for Asymmetry
Trans Bra Fillers
Bra Fillers for Trans and Non Binary Use
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The Bust Booster (style 6)

Get a killer lift (up to two cup sizes) with one of my most popular breast enhancers. Best suited for AA - C cup bras.

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Curvaceous Queen (style 12)

When you have a wider bra, you need a wider enhancer to give you full fabulous support and fill. Style 12 is here to help, in 3 sizes too!

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Boobylicious Breast Enhancer Tape (40 Strips)

Great for smaller breast enhancers and also available in 80 and 120 strip packs.

You might have seen me somewhere
Silicone breast enhancers 'chicken fillets', breast forms, fashion tape and nipple covers