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Special adhesive makes securing my breast enhancers and breast forms simple and effective.

My tape is: transparent, double-sided, super sticky and fantastic quality, with a strong but skin-friendly adhesive. 

My goal was to provide you with options. I want you to be able to have security when you need it, go bra-less when possible, hold breast enhancers or breast forms exactly where you want them, and not be bound by permanent adhesive issues.

Self-adhesive breast forms wear out quickly as the adhesive removes skin cells, reducing their life with every wear; With my tape you can use it only when needed, removing it cleanly to return them to adhesive-free.

Here are more ways that my Jo Thornton Boobylicious adhesive tape can help you: 

  • Stop movement in your bra. You may find that some bras are cut in a way that causes the breast form to move about a little. This is especially true of lower-cut bras.  A little of my boobylicious tape will hold them in place no problem
  • Go bra-less. Smaller breast forms can be held with the adhesive on the tape no problem. The more coverage the better, so I have provided many sizing options and strips for teardrop 1 with her tapered top. 
  • Use breast enhancers with very low-cut bras, keeping them safely held below your breast and removing fear that they will pop out when you don't want them to! This is especially good for wedding dresses that are styled with a very low "V" in the middle.
  • Use breast enhancers at a different angle, if you'd like a certain look or to boost your breasts in a certain way. Not all breasts are shaped the same, so you may find that holding the enhancer to the side, for example, gives you the look you love. My breast enhancer adhesive tape will hold them where you need them, no problem.

Scroll down for all my tape types and pack sizes of each

If you'd like to try a few, see my multipacks or contact me for more guidance.


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