Boobylicous Tape Disclaimer

Jo Thornton Boobylicious Tape – Strips, Discs or Sheets

This tape is an adhesive tape, designed solely to hold breast forms or breast enhancers to skin or clothing. It comprises of 2 adhesives, one side is for use on breast forms/breast enhancers and the other side is for skin or clothing (not suitable for delicate fabrics). The side for use on the skin is marked “Stick this side to your skin”.

Remove carefully after 8 hours, at the latest, from both skin and breast forms/breast enhancers. This is to ensure that you can remove the tape cleanly.  Do not wear overnight as your skin may be pulled and irritation may occur. Avoid use on irritated, burnt, sensitive or skin that has shown signs of an allergic reaction before. Do not use if allergic to any of the listed materials. Not suitable for children under 18 years, pregnant or nursing women. Use with caution if you have health conditions. Discontinue use if pain or irritation occurs and consult your doctor if necessary.
Do not use on breast forms showing signs of wear. The effectiveness and safe removal from breast enhancers or breast forms is not guaranteed if they were not purchased from  Silicone Sally LTD (trading as Jo Thornton).  If you wish to use the tape you must read and follow all precautions, complete all patch tests and use entirely at your own risk.
Keep out of the reach of children and pets.
Store in a cool, dry place.

Please read through all listed materials. Before using the product do an allergy patch test for reactions or sensitivities.
Test procedure for skin:
• Apply a small amount of the skin side of the Boobylicious Tape on the upper part of your inner arm (at the crook of the elbow).  Leave the backing on the breast form side.
• Cover it with a bandage.
• Choose a time of day where you can leave the patch test in place for least 24 hours without getting it wet.
• If you are sensitive to any of the materials, a reaction such as reddening, burning, itching, or other irritation should occur within twenty-four hours of application.
• If you don’t see or feel any reaction, the material should be safe to use, but you must check for irritation during use.
• If you notice any adverse effects during the patch test, please remove carefully from your skin, wash in lukewarm water and do not use the product further.
• If you do not have any reactions during the safety test, but notice an adverse effects during full use, please remove carefully from your skin, wash in lukewarm water and do not use the product further.

Test procedure for breast enhancers and breast forms:

This test should only need to be performed once, but if you are still not sure after this test, please repeat.

  • Wash your breast forms with water and pat dry, or wipe over with isopropyl alcohol.
    • Trim an amount of of Boobylicious Tape from either your discs, strips or sheets, ensuring that you have the split from the backing so that you can easily remove it for the test. An amount around 2cm x 2cm is a good size, or half of one of the strips.
    • Remove the backing for the breast form side, smooth the tape on to the breast forms on the back where it is smooth, and immediately remove peeling the tape back on itself. See the usage instructions with the product for images of this. The tape should not be pulled straight up in the air, but instead back on itself to give a clean removal.
    • If you have problems removing the tape, you can use nail varnish remover, isopropyl alcohol or an alcohol wipe to try and dissolve the adhesive.  The tape will be strongly held to the breast form for a good grip, and this is normal, but if you feel it holds on too strongly or it is too difficult to remove/does not remove cleanly, do not use the tape further and contact me for advice. 
    • If this test is successful, apply a further small amount to a new area on the forms.
    • Remove the tape gently after 30 minutes, by peeling the tape back on itself as before.
    • If this test is successful, apply a further small amount to a new area on the forms and remove the tape gently after 4 hours by peeling the tape back on itself.
    • If all the tests are successful and you are happy with the removal of the tape from your forms and with the technique for removal, you may use the product.  You must follow the usage instructions given with the product for each use. Monitor the product during use, and discontinue and remove the product if you feel it is compromising your breast forms in any way.  As breast forms age you may find they are less tolerant to the use of adhesives, so their use must be monitored.

Before using this product you must read and carefully follow all instructions.
This product must be inspected for use to ensure it has not been damaged in shipment. If damaged, do not use and immediately contact Silicone Sally LTD (trading as Jo Thornton) for a replacement.
This product may not be used for unlawful and that use is expressly prohibited under the terms and conditions of its use.
You may not modify the product beyond cutting it to size.
In no event shall Silicone Sally LTD be liable for any direct, indirect, punitive, incidental, special consequential damages whatsoever arising out of or connected with the incorrect use or misuse of its products, as well as accidents or uses not in accordance with the instruction manual.
Silicone Sally LTD is not responsible for any individual to any particular material. People with sensitivities to any listed materials should not use the product. In case you are in doubt or have sensitive skin, always consult your doctor and try an allergy patch test. If at any time irritation occurs, discontinue use of the product.
The product must be carefully removed following all instructions on the product leaflet. Silicone Sally LTD is not responsible for any skin wounds, injuries or reactions or damage to breast forms or breast enhancers that occurred during the removal process.