Jo Thornton - What are breast enhancers

Breast Enhancers are exactly that, a lovely product to help you make the most of your natural assets.  Whether you are a G cup or an AA cup, there is an enhancer to help bring out the best in you.

What are they?

My breast enhancers are made of silicone, a squishable sticky stuff that is around the same weight as natural breast tissue.  Breast enhancers can be bought in other materials such as foam, but like most other stores, I believe silicone is the best.  The enhancer shape is moulded from TPA (soft flexible plastic) and then filled with the silicone.  This has enabled me to create many different shapes and sizes to meet every woman's needs.

How do they work? 

Breast enhancers do not stick to the skin, but instead are used in the bra (it is always best if they are given a nice home in a bra, but you can also get great results in corsets and tight-fitting wedding dresses).  The bra and the enhancer can work together to give you either a boost upwards, a boost outward or a combination of the two.  The enhancer fills any space out in the bra and then if there is no more room your breasts are encouraged to lift upwards giving you a great cleavage.  Some styles require a bigger cup sized bra to the ones you normally wear due to their size (e.g., style 9 in the larger size can take a 32C to a 32E) but with some sizes you can keep to a smaller bra for more uplift, or a larger cup for a bigger breast profile from the side.

Why do I need them?

You don't - you are perfect as you are (I mean it!).  If, however, you would like a bit of lift for your wedding/night out then I can help, maybe just a small increase to give you more confidence at work, perhaps you have a bra you love but it gapes a bit, or even you need a bit more confidence when in a bikini.  Whatever the reason I can help.  Breast enhancers can be changed in size depending on your mood, worn or not worn at all depending on what you are doing.  They are far more flexible than breast augmentation and much cheaper.

What other names do they have?

You may hear your friends calling them "chicken fillets" - that is their nickname and I'm sure you can see why if you look at our style 5 in white flesh colour! They are also known as gel bra inserts, bra pads, bra inserts, cookies and lots of other names.

I'm so!

Don't worry, I have a fitting guide, suggested styles page and you can send an email and I'd be happy help.  I know it can be daunting as I have such a large range, so if you need guidance don't worry, that's what I'm here for.