Breast Enhancer Fitting Chart

My goal in this guide is to help you see how the breast enhancers will fit in each cup size, and where possible, how.  For example some of the larger breast enhancers can be used in smaller cup sizes, but may show.

How to use (please read to be sure you understand)

1: The column that goes down the left is the cup size that you CURRENTLY. 

Simply find the row for your size and follow it along.

2:  Each columns is for each of my styles. Look for your band size (e.g. 34") to see if that style is recommended or not.  

If you do not see your band size or X, then I don't recommend that style for you size. 

If your band size is there, it's an option for you, yay!  

If you see your size and WS, e.g. 28-WS this means the enhancer will show at the top of the cup.
 This is not a problem if you are wearing a dress/top that covers all your bra, and actually gives you a lovely natural look as a natural breast does not of course end at the top of a bra cup, but if you are wearing a very low-cut bra, you may not want that. 

If you see your size and MS then it might show and will depend on the cut of the bra among other things.

For the level of impact please refer to the product which will give an indication, but as a general rule the bigger the size number the bigger the size impact.

 As each breast enhancer fits a number of cup sizes, they will always give the biggest impact to the smaller cup stated and the least to the bigger cup e.g. if it says it fits AA to C cups, it will give the biggest impact stated.

Follow your row along, and take a look at the styles suggested for you to see what takes your fancy, and meets your needs.

If you need more help, just pop me a line via my contact form or email me [email protected]