Company Information

Jo Thornton began trading in 2007 as Silicone Sally.

In 2011 Silicone Sally became a full UK incorporated company
(big words for I now have to fill in bigger tax returns and pay corporation tax!).  

She became Silicone Sally LTD.  Registered UK company number 07799757. UK VAT number 215996672. 

In 2013 the company rebranded to to Jo Thornton for sales. The business remained as Silicone Sally LTD but the website name is Jo Thornton.  For why I decided to do the change, please see my blog page.  

The registered address for Silicone Sally LTD is:

16 Sandown Road

West Malling


ME19 6NS

The trading address is:

35 Herbert Road 



West Sussex

BN15 0JT  

Please note I am an internet only company.

For posting of products for returns etc, please use the trading address.