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  1. For the first time I was able to go to Pride in London this year, and it was fabulous! I live near Brighton, so I've been to our Pride Parade many times, but this was a London first.

    It was so lovely to be around such a happy crowd of people, celebrating love and diversity.

    Here are some of my piccies from the day. 


    It went on for hours after this, but I was with my daughter and we were desperate for a drink and a sit down.  The start was delayed for an hour due to protestors, so we'd been there a loooong time! We watched again from another place later, but we too far back for pictures. 

    I'd absolutely recommend going to anyone, dressed up or not! 

  2. When people make a purchase from my store, I send a little feedback email so people can let me know how they feel and how I can improve. 

    One thing that has been mentioned a few times is this: 


    "You really should include pictures of the enhancers on a someone so we can see the results" 


    I felt it's about time I responded to tell you I hear you! I need to explain my reasons for why I've not done that on my site.  

    It's something I explained a lot when I first started out (2007!) but not something I have chatted about recently, so I certainly feel it's time.  

    First of all, I fully understand the logic. We like to see a product in action in order to understand it.  I certainly do when I am buying things, like the jeans I am looking at getting myself at the moment. I like to see what size and height the model is, and work out roughly how they will work on me, based on that image. The problem is that enhancers don't quite work like that, and to put it simply, I don't want to mislead anyone. 


    Let me explain. 

    The problem we have is that what an enhancer looks like for one person, is not necessarily what it will look like for others.  I think this is a big issue as it can mislead. 

    There are a few factors involved in this.  The first is that if I show say a style 6 enhancer in a 34B bra, the result will look different to the look and boost that a it would if I photographed a 36C person with the exact same style.  As a result, I would be showing a product giving a result that will not happen, and that wouldn’t be right.  I could of course show images of the product in each bra size, but that would be about 30-60 pictures for each product. 

    Then it's compounded by the second factor, breast shape. 

    There are many different breast shapes out there, which all respond differently. This is in bras, but even more so with breast enhancers, especially when breast density is varies. They can be full on top, full on bottom, rounded, triangular, tubular etc.  

    To add to it, breasts can come in different densities and change over time, through age, breast feeding and weight loss. This really affects how much silicone we need, as breasts that are not so dense need more to push and shape. Someone with style 6 who hasn't breastfed may get a different amount of boost to someone who has.  

    Then it's the simple factor of the bra it's in. As I'm sure you know, bras are not equal, and all fit and work differently, from brands to different bra shapes.  The bra used in the image would not match the bra the customer uses.  

    With all those factors, you can see how if I put a model in a 34C bra with style 6, they could give a different visual image than the customer may get, even if they were a 34C. It's not something I feel comfortable about doing.  

    I did wonder about having the images labelled, so like the jeans say the model is this and that, for sizing reference, but at the end of the day there are so many factors that would mean the customer would get a different result. A jeans company only has to take a picture of say 10 sizes, and can show it for each, so it's quite accurate. My customers would vary so widely that it still wouldn't narrow it enough.  

    It's something that I hope to work around more in the future. I am a little store and I don't have the resources to do that now, and that's not really a bad thing. By keeping small I can't have all those images taken and sizing options expressed, but that does mean that it's just me running my shop, so I am here for you.  I like to keep it small and personal with you. 

    The main thing to remember is if you are not sure, use me! I try to give as much information as I can, but many of you have specific needs so use me as that's what I'm here for.  I have about 15 years of experience now, so pick my brains and we can work out it together. Tell me your size, goals, issues and we can go from there with finding you the perfect fitting breast enhancer ðŸ˜Š 

    sign-2014-8-20-15.2.46 XXX


  3. Hedy Lamarr (2)

    Hedy Lamarr was an Austrian-born American film actress and inventor who was born on November 9, 1914 and died on January 19, 2000. She was a film star during Hollywood's "golden-age" and was often typecast as a provocative femme fatale.  She appeared in many films throughout her career, including "Ecstasy" (1933), "Algiers" (1938), "Boom Town" (1940), and "Samson and Delilah" (1949). She was married six times and had three children. 


    What interests me about her, however, is that she was also an inventor who pioneered the technology that would one day form the basis for today’s WiFi, GPS, and Bluetooth systems. Her achievements are a little geeky for me to fully understand, but she basically co-invented a technique for "spread spectrum communications" that paved the way for the tech in all our gadgets that we use today.  Lamarr's invention was originally intended to help the US Navy remotely control torpedoes during World War II.

    She also created a patented "Secret Communciation System" designed to keep the Nazis from intercepting Allied transmissions by jumping radio frequencies.

    Lamarr was also inspired to innovate in the world of aviation as Howard Hughes (a businessman and film director) wanted to create faster planes that could be sold to the US military. She bought a book of fish and a book of birds, and looked at the fastest of each kind. She combined the fins of the fastest fish, and the wings of the fastest bird, to sketch a new wing design for Hughes’ planes. The military ordered 100 of the planes in 1943, but only 2 prototypes and a mockup were ever completed. Still, this is quite an accomplishment for someone who is also a current Hollywood actress, I'm sure you'll agree. 

    Lamarr was rightly given an honorary award by the Electronic Frontier Foundation in 1997 for her contributions to the field of technology, and I feel she deserves more recognition. 

    I think she is a remarkable woman and I am so glad she received that award before she died and also was able to see some of the modern uses for the technology before she passed in 2000.  I would have loved to have met her for a cuppa and a chat. 

    To read more, see: 

    Hedy Lamarr | Biography, Movies, & Facts | Britannica

    How Hedy Lamarr and Her Inventions Changed the World (

    Hedy Lamarr (

    sign-2014-8-20-15.2.46  xxx

  4. Just a quick little stock update for you:

    I've had some terrible issues with sourcing my raw materials for my products, so you may have noticed that some of my breast forms in particular have sold out.  I have to allow that to happen, starting production after that due to these logistics, and I am so sorry about that. It means I will do bigger production runs when I do. 

    The good news is that all the breast forms are currently in production, as well as breast enhancer styles 9 and 12. I am hoping for the following:

    • Styles 9 and 12 to finish first and be back in stock in around 3 weeks.
    • All breast forms to be finished and restocked by the end of April absolute latest, but hopefully closer to mid-April.

    All my other breast enhancers are just going into production now :) 

  5. Black Friday. Instagram post.


    It rolls around fast, but here we are again with another Black Friday/Black Friday week/Black Friday Month.

    You can probably see that I'm not running offers for it here on my site, or anywhere else that you might find me.

    The simple reason being that for an independent shop, it's become a beast that we can't contain. Buyers expect massive savings beyond the scope of what a small business can afford. It does depend on the business of course, so I can only really speak for my little store, but many of us keep our prices as low as we can and run on small profit margins all year round.  We operate our shops from a place of love and care for our customers, offering value and quality of service and product. Our costs are high, being such little enterprises who don't have the buying power of large stores, and we absorb those in order to offer a great value product.  

    So, when it comes to massive savings, it's just something I can't do.  If I could do it, it would mean I would be charging you too much in the first place.  

    I think that's a better way to run my store for you, and I hope you agree. 

    sign-2014-8-20-15.2.46 x x x 

  6. Here is the latest update from Royal Mail regarding ongoing industrial action affecting my posting and deliveries of your products:


    Information about deliveries

    Strike action in delivery offices will take place on Friday 4 November and Thursday 9 November. Customers will not receive a delivery on those days.

    Customer Service Points will be closed on those days and Redelivery and Parcel Collect services won't be operating.

  7. I have just spent my lunchtime reading about this remarkable woman, so I just wanted to share a little info about her here. I do love to highlight the achievements of feminist icons and trailblazers through the years.

    Angelica Kauffmann


    Anglica was a painter, who carved her way in the male dominated world of art and became hugely successful in London and Rome. She was born on 30th October 1741 in Chur, Switzerland. Her father was an impoverished artist who encouraged his daughter's interest in art. By the age of 11, Angelica's prodigious talents were widely recognised: she was a gifted musician, spoke four languages, and was commissioned to paint portraits of aristocrats and members of the clergy.

    Her mother died when Angelica was 13 and she and her father moved from Como to Milan and then to Schwarzenberg in Austria before returning to Italy, where Angelica became a member of the Accademia di Belle Arti di Firenze in 1762 – an extraordinary achievement for a woman of only 21. As famous for her charm as she was for her artistic gifts, she became a fashionable portraitist for British tourists in Rome – then the centre of the Western art world – and became close friends with Joshua Reynolds (they painted each other's portraits).


    The year before the inauguration of the Royal Academy, however, Angelica's life was marred by a terrible scandal: she was duped into marrying a man who presented himself as Frederick de Horn, a wealthy Swedish count. He was in fact a penniless valet. The relationship ended after a few months, but not before he had humiliated Angelica and stolen her savings

    Thankfully, in the wake of these devastating events, Angelica's friends rallied around and she gradually recovered financially – she was, by now, supporting her father and paying for the running of her household. Although Angelica earned her living primarily as a portrait painter – we know of 22 portraits, of which nine are self-portraits – she considered herself primarily a history painter.


    In 1766, encouraged by Joshua Reynolds, Angelica moved to London, where she introduced the latest neoclassical ideas and established herself as a professional artist. Although 'self-advertisement was thought to be unfeminine', she was a canny self-promoter. Two months after her arrival, she wrote to her father: 'I have four rooms, one in which I paint, the other where I set up my finished paintings as is here the custom [so that] the people [can] come into the house to sit – to visit me – or to see my work; I could not possibly receive people in a poorly furnished house.'


    In 1781, in London, Angelica married the Venetian artist Antonio Zucchi – a man, by all accounts, who was the opposite of her first husband. In July that year, accompanied by her father, they sailed for Ostend and eventually settled in Venice, where Angelica's portraits were in high demand. However, when her father died in the city in January 1782, Angelica couldn't bear to stay. Grief-stricken, they moved to Naples, where Angelica made sketches for a royal portrait, and then to Rome, where she became close friends with the renowned writer Johann Wolfgang von Goethe whom she painted in 1787.

    When Angelica died in 1807, she had successfully infiltrated the male-dominated world of classical and portrait art in both London and Rome, and established herself as a leading artist of her time. Although Kauffmann had been embraced by the Royal Academy, the battle for equality was far from over. It took 168 years from the appointments of Kauffmann and Mary Moser for a woman to be elected to full membership of the Royal Academy, with the arrival of Laura Knight in 1936.


    Thank you to for the information and Jennifer Higgie who wrote the fabulous article. If you would like to read more about Angelica you can see her Tate page here and her Wikipedia page here

  8. My last blog post saved as an empty page (thank you Georgina for letting me know), so hopefully this one will pop up ok for you.

    First, a little breast enhancer update -

    Back in stock


    I can now expand on that information, and let you know that style 12 should be here this week, and I shall check them in and pop them on the site as soon as possible. 

    In other news, it was a Feminist Icon article that I'd written for you that didn't save, so I'll get another one added soon. I do like to write about them occasionally, and I find it very interesting myself to do the research. 

    Finally, to let you know what I am up to behind the scenes, besides the usual day-to-day activities, I am currently working on my stock software to make sure it is accurate. I've been using it since November 2019, and I've realised that due to the very complicated setup I have (mainly due to products being added on to other products), the stock numbers I have are not accurate.  This of course affects my accounting side of things, but also affects you, as I can't be sure what the stock levels are.  I've uncovered some bigger issues hidden underneath that too, which means it's time to delve deeper into it.  I can't delay any longer and must figure them out and address them, to make sure it is all working well.  It's a huge job! I like a challenge and a puzzle, but some of this has me stumped. Where can an entire box of fashion tape vanish to? Answers on a postcard please! :)