Frequently Asked Questions

I've answered the most common questions here so take a look and you should find the answer you need quickly. 

If not, just get in touch.


Shipping Questions

Eeek! I need my item urgently, how quickly do you ship and deliver?
All items are usually shipped within 24 hours of ordering on working days. Items therefore usually arrive 3-5 days after ordering if free Second Class is selected and 1-3 days for First Class.  If you need your item to arrive really quickly you can select "Special Delivery Next Day" as an option at the checkout.  This guarantees that the item will arrive by 1pm the day after I ship it to you

HELP - Where is my order?
Let's get this one sorted, but first it depends on your chosen delivery method.  If you selected the free Second Class option or First Class and your item hasn't arrived by 15 working days after shipping then it will be declared lost by the carrier Royal Mail and we can act.  I wish that wasn't so long, but once Royal Mail take control of the parcel we have to follow their rules.  If you chose Special Delivery and it fails to arrive by 1pm the day after I ship it (please note you may get a dispatch email the day before Royal Mail collect the parcel as I often get parcels ready in the evening) let me know as you have case against Royal Mail.  I can help you sort the situation and claim compensation for Royal Mail.  If you have selected Collect + it can take a little while to get to the store and they should email you, but if you haven't heard anything after a couple of days please do get in touch.

Product Questions

Do I need to take the cover off the enhancers/breast forms?
We all love unwrapping things but please don't try it with these!  The cover forms the shape, and is then filled with the silicone inside, so both are needed. The cover must stay on and they must be protected from damage (squashing and accidental piercing) by keeping them safe in a drawer for example.  Inside the silicone is really sticky so you really don't want to take the cover off I promise!

I'm allergic to latex so can I use breast enhancers? 
Yes you can, hurrah! The outer cover is made of a different substance called PTE (a plastic) that does not contain latex.  That said you should of course use with caution and stop use if you feel you are having a reaction.

How do I get the tape off a breast enhancer or other firm surface? 
Baby oil is great for removing the residue if some is left.  Just dab a little on some cotton wool or tissue and gently rub it off.

How do I clean and freshen up my breast enhancers or breast forms?
You can wash them in lukewarm water and a mild soap and pat them dry.  For extra freshness you can use a diluted antiseptic disinfectant such as the green first aid Dettol.  Give them a soak and then gently dry them off. You can also show them some love with a little squirt of your favourite perfume.

Do I need a bra for the breast enhancers and breast forms?
Yes you do.  The breast enhancers need the bra to hold them in the right place and to push against to give a great effect.  The breast forms need a bra to hold them in the right place, but they could be held with medical grade adhesive.  I do not stock this, but it is available on the internet and could substitute for a bra depending on the manufacturers instructions.

Can I exchange or refund?
Absolutely, I offer a full returns policy.  See my Buying and Postage page for all the information that you need.  I am afraid return costs are the responsibility of the buyer, unless the item is faulty.

Are the breast forms suitable for mastectomy use?
Yes they are, and the breast enhancers are excellent for quadrantectomy and lumpectomy use. To work out the style that will be best for you, please do get in touch so we can talk through your needs.  I am very experience and happy to help no matter what the surgery or your needs.

Payment Questions

How will it show up on my bank statement?
If you use Paypal to process the credit/debit card transaction we will show up simply as SS LTD. If clicked to expand on it will still only say "SS LTD".  If you pay by cheque your statement will just show the payment leaving and the cheque number (it will not show the company account details).

Do you have a shop I can visit?
Unfortunately not as I am an internet only company and my insurance does not cover visits. I can occasionally offer collection of large full breast forms, but this is by prior arrangement only. Please use the contact form to get in touch to see what we can arrange.  Regrettably I cannot do this for the breast enhancers, tape or nipple covers at present as I will end up having a cup of tea (or three) with you neglecting all my other lovely customers.

Can I send a cheque or postal order?
Yes no problem at all, just get in contact for details.  Please note that items paid for with a cheque will be shipped once it clears, where as products paid for with postal orders can be shipped as soon as I receive it as it is cleared funds.

Just send me an email if you need more help