Fabulous Fashion Tape Instructions


Covid 19 FFT


Due to COVID, my tape rolls currently have to be made differently, to ensure that there are not too many people around one machine. 
This has meant that the divide line for the backing has had to be removed. I am very sad about this and will bring it back as soon as I can. 

My tape is so sticky, so if you struggle to remove the backing, please see this video to help you.

For those of you that prefer written instructions, follow these tips:

Method 1:  Unroll directly the amount you need onto the skin where you need it.  So, with your nail, gently pull away a small amount from the roll and smooth it straight onto the skin where you want it to go, unrolling the roll as you go until the required length.  Then pull the roll away from your skin so that you don't cut yourself, trim with scissors and roll back up for use next time. 
The most important extra step now is to smooth the tape down really well at the corners AND allow the tape to stick for 2-3 minutes before you remove the backing.  You can pinch the end of the stuck tape to make it easier to pick at the corner of the backing and remove it. 

Method 2:  Cut the tape to the size you need and stick one corner to your finger. Pick at the edge of the corner to remove the backing a little and fold back. Apply the sticky side to the surface you need, making sure you do not stick the backing fold you made back down. You can then use the folded corner to grab and fully remove the backing.

I will bring back the spilt line of the backing very soon, as I have been working on a way around it with my factory. 

If you have any problems or questions, just send me a message and I'd be happy to help.



Keep the product, backing paper and plastic bag away from children and pets as it is not a toy.

Keep the product away from fire and sources of ignition as it can be flammable.

If the product is accidentally ingested, consult medical help immediately. 

It is recommended to test a small amount of tape on your skin first in case of allergic reaction.  If you do experience a reaction, remove tape immediately, wash well with lukewarm water and consult your doctor if needed.

When you remove the tape, you may find that it hurts as you pull out little hairs etc, just like a plaster.  To help minimise this you can try soaking the area with the tape in water first and then removing the tape.  

Not recommended for use on nipples on in the genital area.