Jo Thornton's Gel Bra Inserts

Welcome to my little store!

You've probably just done a search for gel bra inserts; but don't worry you've come to the right place!

I have the biggest range in the UK, and you can see them here, labelled as "Breast Enhancers" in my store:

Gel bra inserts category

I have found in my time that people often do not know what to call my products.

Breast enhancers and "chicken fillets" are the most common, but if you've hit this page, you have probably called them "gel bra inserts", which is probably the third most popular.


Gel bra inserts are the same thing as breast enhancers, so you will be able to follow those menus on my site to see the full range.

Gel bra inserts


Breast enhancers are not stocked by many High Street stores, so customers are not as aware of the product as they would be.
They also tend to be quite a personal and private purchase, so they tend to not chat about them with people.

I find that people tend to call them what they feel describes them the best, such as gel bra inserts.


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