Breast Form Prostheses Style Guide - Teardrop 1, Teardrop 2, Round, Triangle and Peardrop OLD

When choosing a style there are 3 main questions to ask yourself before you begin:

 Do I want them to look good dressed or just in a bra?

Some styles come up high and will show above the top of the cup when in just a bra. They may even show in a very low cut top. They do however give the most natural shape when dressed, so it depends on what your needs are. 

My style guide below will tell you which pairs are high and which are low, but as a general rule teardrops and pears come up high, whereas round and triangle shapes sit low in the bra.

What type of back should my breast form have?

All of our pairs are so soft that they can mould to however much or little breast you have. The only real consideration therefore is if you have a lot of breast tissue (a B cup roughly upwards), ensure you get a pair with a concave back, but if you have an A cup or lower you will be ok with all styles and back types.

Do I want pert breasts or more subtle breasts?

Teardrop styles are small and pert, whereas others are more subtle. The smaller sized forms (300g and 400g) will fit most frames, so you can choose if you'd rather a pert teardrop shape or a more subtle look. With the larger forms it is best to stick to the form that is best suited to your frame size. All dimensions are given with the products so you can fully understand their size (you can even draw it on your body in biro to help). We've also detailed whether they are pert or wide below for you.

Now the fun bit ... Which shape should I buy?

Once you've considered the questions above the rest really is a personal choice. There are 4 main shapes, round, teardrop, pear and triangle. I stock two different teardrop versions, so 5 styles altogether.

Teardrop Style 1 Breast Forms - Narrower Version

This is the classic breast form shape and gives a wonderful body shape when dressed. Some styles can come up higher than other breast forms and so may show above the cup, but it is this that gives you the lovely shape. Check the dimensions given and compare to your bra to see how they will fit in.

Teardrop Style 2 Breast Forms - Wider Version

They are a lovely small size width-wise and so are best suited to smaller bras of 28-36". The smaller 300g and 400g pairs will not work so well with 36" frames (the 500g+ pairs should be fine), so for those sizes it is probably best to look at the round, triangle or pear shapes.

Triangle Shape Breast Forms - Concave Back Style

The triangle shape is a great shape for mid to wide bras (36" upwards). It has the most concaveback out of all the styles so it can accommodate the most amount of natural breast.

Peardrop Breast Forms - Wider Bottom

These are just like teardrop shapes, but they come to more of a point at the top. Our pear shape is also flatter and wider than other styles. As a result they are best suited to bras 40" but those wanting cup sizes up to a C. They do not give as much depth, so for a deeper breast form you will be best with the round style.

Round Breast Forms - Even Smooth Shape

Round breast forms represent the breast well and are a simple and effective breast form shape.

They are a good width for wider frames suiting bras 36" & upwards.

I hope this guide has been of help.

If you need more advice just send a message and I'd be more than happy to help

Jo Thornton Breast Form Fitting Guide