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Triangle Breast Forms

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The Ultimate Triangle Breast Form by Jo Thornton

 Vital Statistics - Triangle Shape Breast Forms

My style with a concave back, so great if you have some breast of your own.
A lovely mid-subtle/voluptuous form.
A wider style and a lovely width for 36" or bigger band sizes.
A more gradual slope from the edges up to the nipple.

Priced per pair with delivery included.

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My breast forms/false breasts have been crafted using top grade, dermatologically tested silicone that has a soft, supple texture similar to a natural breast.

The triangular shape of these prostheses creates a natural, ultra-feminine look, further enhanced by realistic, coloured nipples.  They are perfect for those of you with some breast tissue of your own.

My products have been ergonomically designed to provide optimum comfort to your natural form.

- Priced per pair
- Free UK Second Class Signed Delivery
- Fast "Special Delivery" and First Class options available

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Optional Gift/Storage Box available for all sizes

Jo Thornton, a leading UK specialist in prosthetic breast form design, and proud supporter and supplier to the crossdressing and transgender communities.

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