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I am rebranding to Jo Thornton

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I started Silicone-Sally back in 2007 to make the world of breast enhancers more accessible to women, give them choices and someone to talk through their needs to. I had seen the same old style of silicone breast enhancer in the shops, which invariably did not fit the friend I was with/myself for the top/dress/bra we needed it for. I knew I could do better and provide the specialist service that women deserve.

It has without a doubt been an amazing 6 years, growing the company slowly and expanding out into helping other people such as mastectomy and lumpectomy patients. It has now however come to the time to rebrand. I chose the name Silicone-Sally back then as a light-hearted take on something that can be quite embarrassing to some. In recent years word of my range has spread, and a large number of my customers are ladies that have had surgery; it no longer is appropriate to have a company name that implies that a light-hearted approach is suitable for everyone. I want every single one of my customers to know that I will treat their needs individually. If you need humour, emotional support, lots of advice etc., I can tailor my services to exactly what you need or require.

Choosing a new name for the company to get this across to all of you was very difficult, but I have decided to simply go with Jo Thornton LTD. I want you all to know that you will not be talking to a call centre or lots of people that can't follow your sale through. I run this little company myself, so when you email, it will be me that answers every time, when you order, it will me that will carefully post your order to you and when you recommend the product to your friends (fingers crossed here) it will be me and my products you are recommending.

So there you go, exciting times ahead! It's been a very busy time behind the scenes for the last 6 months getting this all planned and ready and I shall be implementing it in the next few days/weeks. The site will remain the same for a good long while as I've been changing things gradually there already, but you will see the new logo and header on the site, new packaging and new flyer, my new Twitter and Facebook pages, my just launched Pinterest page and soon to launch You Tube guides to the products. I hope you like the new look. 

Jo xxx

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  1. Kaye Howe

    I recently purchased via amazon from u and at last I am satisfied with the goods as described ;they look good and feel great under a suitable dress; I would like to know if there are any products that are more authentic i.e. a convincing cleavage using a bra dress or similar? Kaye Reply from Jo: Hi Kaye, I shall send you an email :)

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