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Back again for a limited time!  

My lovely Breast Form/False Breast Bargains

These little beauties do not meet my very high expectations.  I've seen these sold full price in the shops, but I'm a hard woman to please when it comes to quality for my customers.  Occasionally when I do a production run a pair come through that are not quite right for a variety of reasons, so I save them up for my bargain sale.

A lot of you like to buy a pair just to try for a while, when thinking about stepping up sizes/changing shapes or to wear just for a party, so here's your chance.  

Go for it and grab yourself a bargain.  

I run these sales about every 18 months until I sell out, so I can't guarantee when will have these available next. 

For each product, I detail what I consider to be the fault and what you can expect for each product, so you can be sure of what you are buying.

Please note, due to my exceedingly low prices these are non-returnable.

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Jo Thornton Bargain Breast Forms/False Breasts.

For a limited time only.  

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