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Mastectomy Breast Forms 


Welcome to Jo Thornton, a leading UK specialist in prosthetic breast form design.

If you’re reading this, it’s likely that you have endured the harsh reality of the most common cancer affecting women today. And, although the physical struggle may be over, there are still emotional aspects of your new life to contend with.

Small changes, such as the way a bag slips off your shoulder, or how your favourite clothes now sit, can have a big impact on your confidence. 

But it’s time to stop worrying. As a leading UK specialist in mastectomy breast forms and prostheses, it’s my aim to help you rediscover your confidence and femininity.

It’s with thanks to greater media coverage and the fearless nature of celebrities such as Angelina Jolie that more and more women feel comfortable in seeking our expertise after diagnosis. In turn, we provide affordable breast forms of the highest quality, suitable for both short term and long term use.

Our triangular mastectomy breast forms (featured below) have been crafted from a skin soft, featherweight silicone that will hug your natural form regardless of shape and size, providing you with a comfortable, ‘barely there’ feeling.

Alternatively, our prosthetic breast forms have been developed in a variety of shapes to match the form of your natural breast; as we would not expect everyone to wear the same bra, we would not expect everyone to wear the same breast form.

Though your stories are intricate and unique, you are unified by your goal to achieve confidence and femininity post-diagnosis. It is with great pride that I can tell you this: you’ve come to the right place.

- Jo

Please also see my 5 shapes of normal weight silicone breast form prostheses and large breast enhancers which can help after a lumpectomy or partial mastectomy.  If you need help just send me a message.

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Jo Thornton, a leading UK specialist in prosthetic breast form design for mastecomy and lumpectomy use.

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