Transgender/Transsexual/Trans/TS Breast Forms UK

If you are visiting me here, you have no doubt been on a journey so far. As a gay woman, I have had a journey too, and I'm here for you and I understand your needs.  I am hear to listen to what you want for your breasts and shape and I will help you all I can. I have great value, super soft and natural breast forms and years of experience, so you've come to the right place.  I can help you with all stages of your life journey or transition, using my range of smaller breast enhancers and full breast forms to adapt to your shape as it changes and work with what you have. 

It's best if we have a chat about your needs and wants, so just send me an email and we can talk it through. I will never pressure you to buy and all chats are just with me and fully confidential. 


5 Different Breast Form Shapes
with full coloured nipples



Jo Thornton Round Breast Form Transvestite

Friendly help and advice from myself

As much as you need, when you need it.

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