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  1. Breast Form Sizing 400g Sketch

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    To follow on from my last post, here is the quick sketch for the 400g breast forms. 

    Comparision 400g forms

    Sorry it's not so neat! Instead of re-drawing it for you, I spent the time researching and ordering a graphics tablet.  Hopefully, I will be able to recreate it really well for you digitally that way.  I'm quite arty, so I am looking forward to using it to make you more resources to help.

    It may take me a while to get the hang of using it, but thanks to a lovely customer who replied to my previous post, I now have QCAD, which is software to help with making technical drawings. Fingers crossed! 

    You can however see from this sketch that there are only subtle differences at the top between style 1 (in green) and 2 (in purple), that the triangle shape is a balance between width and height (she manages more width due to her concave back meaning there is more silicone to spread out wider) and that the pear shape in red is a much bigger flatter style, so great for bigger body frames looking for a more subtle look. 

    If you have any questions, do let me know. 


  2. New Breast Form Sizing Help

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    I was chatting to a customer yesterday, and I suggested that they drew out the breast form they are interested in on a piece of paper, following the images on the site to help with the shape.

    I then sat down in the evening and thought, why haven't I done that for you?! 

    With the breast forms, they have the advantage of all going up in the same size increments and can therefore be directly compared. The only difference is the shape and how that is distributed. 

    Some a wider and flatter, and some are narrow and deeper/perkier. 

    It would surely be great for you if you had a visual guide for that, and especially if there was a printout you could do for each size if you wish. That way you can print it out and compare with your bras/the forms you already have/your body shape to see what would work best for you.

    I've had a try and I can draw them out well, one on top of each other in different colours to show you which style is which.  It's not the swishest and most sophisticated way of rendering it, but I'm sure it will really help until I can work out a better graphics way to do it for you.

    The only challenge I can see is ensuring that if you print it, it's replicated exactly in the right size.

    Here is my first try and draft.

    300g Styles Comparison

    Teardrop Style 2 is in the purple (small and pert)

    The Triangle is in the orange (wider, concave back and a mid-shaped style)

    Teardrop Style 1 is in the green (taller and pert)

    The Pear Shape is in the red, and is the biggest style, but with the least depth so the most subtle style.


    I think it will be really helpful for some, so I will get to drawing and scanning these as best I can, and then making them available to see and download.  

    If anyone has graphics ideas and knowledge about how I can do this best, please do get in touch :)

    [email protected]

    sign-2014-8-20-15.2.46 X X X

  3. Breast Enhancer Options - Small Breasts

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    Breast Enhancers For Small Breasts

    Having small breasts can be a blessing and a curse.  I should know, I'm a 32B at the moment, but that can fluctuate. I love the fact I can walk around without a bra, but it can make fitting into some tops and dresses tricky.

    I don't have time to blog nearly as much as I'd like, but this morning I thought I really should do a little blog about this, so the styles for small breasts and bigger breasts to give more information.  The more information you have the better! I like to empower you to be able to find the style/s you need, but to also I am here whenever you need of course.

    First the main thing to stress is sizing and styles are not science. We are all different, with different shaped breasts and what works for one may not work for another.  The other thing to remember is the huge difference a band size can make. A 30A is incomparable to a 40A for example.  Going up each band size adds volume to the cup, so physically they are entirely different in size.

    So, with that in mind, let's delve in to some options.  

    Let's start with options for small cups.  If you have a small band and cup size, there is little room in the cup for us to work with. This means we can only add a very small amount if we want to stay the same cup size, and that will mean style 1 is the only option.  If you are happy to head up a cup size or two, this opens us up to styles 2, 3, 6, 8 and even 9a.  I can't cover all cup sizes here in this little blog, but using my size as an example, I can comfortably fit style 1 in.  For most of my bras, especially the ones that aren't the best fit to begin with and have a little room, I can fit style 2 in and get a great result. The same for style 3 and sometimes style 8, but in many of my bras, she shows a little above the cup as my cups are small.  I don't mind that as the result is nice and smooth when dressed, but that's not for everyone.  You can always check the dimensions of the styles on the product pages, but do remember they bend in the bra, so you can get a style that is 1 or 2cm bigger than your bra cup.  Style 6 is not an option for me in my normal sized cups, but when I try with a C cup, I get a nice result for many brands, and it's the same for style 8, but I do look bigger with this one as it cups my breasts all over boosting my side profile☺

    That is the next thing to consider, brands and the cut of the bra.  They are not born equal, so if you are looking for a long-term great look, I'd absolutely recommend that you find a bra that works perfectly with the enhancer that you like, if you don't already own one.  The result will be the perfect combination for you, and you get will reward you over and over. 

    For bigger band sizes to mine, so say a 36" band, you will have more room in your cup and find you need a little more to get oomph.  For you, style 3 is great for a smooth subtle bra filling, styles 6, 7, 8 and 9 are all good options too.  You can narrow it down easily by first working out how you feel you would like it to sit in your bra. If you would like it with a smooth natural breast cupping, then styles 3 and 8 are best.  If you would prefer it sits low in the cup, giving you a boost up for a bigger look, then styles 6 and 9 are great.  The next thing to consider is how big you want to go.  Style 6 is the smallest of these style 9 sits low, is bigger but is also softer so this can mean a little less push.  That will be fine for your needs as if.  If you only have very small breasts, you will not have much to push up, so we want instead to go for something that blends and gives you a boost.  This is why style 7 is not the best, as she needs a big more breast to work with than us smaller ladies have.  If you have around a 36B you should be ok, but smaller than that, you are better with other styles.

    If you are a 36" band and looking to move up to a bigger cup size, you will need a bigger enhancer, so take a look at styles 10 and 12.  

    If you are a 38" or bigger, the best options are style 9b and style 12.  We need a bigger enhancer to make a noticeable boost in your bra. Style 9b is great to help will filling out those bras a little, but if you are bigger than a 38" band, you will probably find you need to go straight for style 12. We need that extra volume.  If you are looking to move up the cup sizes, we will be best to take a look at the smaller breast forms that I offer, to get the volume you need. I hope to add even bigger enhancers in the future for this.  Style 11 should work well if you are a 38B or bigger, but again, if you are smaller than this, there will not be enough volume for us to boost using style 11. 

    Hopefully that information gives you a little more to confidence in what to look for and how they work.

    You can see all the breasts enhancers here, and contact me if you need advice 




  4. Padded Bras - Help Or Hindrance?

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    Image thanks to Image by <a href=";utm_medium=referral&amp;utm_campaign=image&amp;utm_content=627302">jacqueline macou</a> from <a href=";utm_medium=referral&amp;utm_campaign=image&amp;utm_content=627302">Pixabay</a>

    The question of padded bras is one I get asked a lot, so I thought I'd pop a little blog post here as a help guide.

    Padded bras are great, they offer shaping an contouring to help give you a boost, but they are not without their issues.  They can generally only add up to 1 cup size, but many bra companies claim more than that. It's often a little misleading, as what they are refering to is the boost the more padded bras can give to a 30AA bra, so a relatively small amount of padding is needed to get them up to a 30B cup.  For a 38" bra however, a lot more padding is needed to get from an AA cup to a B cup. It's all about the volume, and there is only so much a padded bra can do and only so much oomph it can give. This oomph will also fade over time as the bra is worn and the fabric and foam filling stretch and squish.

    This is where my breast enhancers can really help. You can choose the size you'd like for the boost you'd like, and interchange them with different bras. I can boost you from half a cup size all the way up to 3 or more cup sizes for many sizes. 

    The big thing to remember howeever, is that that using breast enhancers with padded bras will often not work. If you have a simple padding all over, or a very small shaping inside the cup, you should be able to get great results, but if not you will probably find you have problems. This is simply becuase they are both trying to do the same job, giving you the same boost from the same place in the bra. The padding of the bra can push the enhancer away from where it needs to sit, giving you a rather uneven and possibly uncomfortable look.  

    Breast enhancers thrive in a smooth cup on the inside of the bra.  It can be a full cup, t-shirt bra, lace bra, lower cut bra, balconette style etc, and depending on the style and shape breast enhancer you go for, it should do the job perfectly for you in a normal bra. If your bra has some more defined shapping inside the cup however, you may find that buying a normal smooth bra to work with your enhancers gives you the great look you are after and opens you up to all the posibilties of the various breast enhancer styles and shapes. Given a nice smooth bra, my enhancers can boost you up or out in exactly the way needed to give you great results.

    If you need any advice at any time, just get in touch.  



  5. How To Measure Correctly For A Bra

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    It's one of my help guides, but it's so important that I fel that I should remind you all:


    How often really does depend on your circumstances and body shape, but make sure you do it at least every year just to check. If you are losing or gaining weight, or if you've changed your exercise regime, you will need to do it more often.  You can start right now, by looking closely at the bra you are wearing right now, checking all the key areas to be sure that it is fitting and working for you as it should.  A bra who's elastic has given way due to age will be just as inefficient as if you wearing the wrong size, so make sure you keep an eye on the age of your bras too. 

    Let's get on to what you need to do:

    The most common mistake is women wearing a band size that is too large, and therefore not offering the support it should. 

    This is how to make sure it is correct:

    Step 1: Grab yourself a nice soft tape measure with inches on (preferably not a rusty steel rule from the garage)

    Step 2. Underbust Measurement - Run a tape measure all the way around your body just underneath your breasts and take a measurement in inches. Make sure the tape measure is horizontal and snug. Your arms should be as down as you can make them.If this measurement is an odd number, try the two sizes around it, For example, if you measured 31 inches (78.7cm), you should start trying on bras in a 30" and 32" size. If it was an even number, start with that size band and see how you get on. Every bra is different, but this gives you a starting point. NOTE: Some bra fitting guides and calculators will tell you to add four or five inches (10 to 12.5cm) to your underbust measurement, but this is outdated advice. The "add four" method was popularised by Warners in the 1930s when bra design was in its infancy and it simply doesn't work so well with modern bras.

    Step 3: Since everyone's breasts are different in terms of shape (even between your own breasts), the most accurate way to determine your cup size is by using your current bra size as a starting point. If you don't have an existing bra, take a look at the sized cups for your band and give the one that you feel will be the best a try.  The cups are sized relative to the band, so if you were to try a smaller band size but keep the same cup size, the cups would be too small - if you go down a band size you need to go up a cup size. If you decide to go up a band size, then to maintain the cup size you will need to go down a cup size. 

    Step 4: Put the bra on around your body first doing it up on the LOOSEST SETTING. The elastic in the bra will loosen with age, so you need to be able to tighten it through it's life. It should always start on the loosest hooks. Wiggle your breasts into position, yes wiggle, it works! Tighten the shoulder straps so that they do not dig in and hurt, or slip off the shoulder easily. The band around the body should be taking the main weight of the breasts.

    Does the bra really fit? Things to check:

    Does the bra feel tight around the body? If so, good! It may feel too tight, but this is because we are used to wearing bras that are too big for us. It should feel tight, but not dig in. You should be able to get 2 fingers side by side between the bra and your skin, and it should have a little bit of give. Check that the weight of the breasts is well supported so the shoulder straps are not digging in at the top. It should of course feel comfortable.  

    How about the cup? Are you well contained in it?! You need the cup to hold you in nicely, without the breast spilling over the top.  We also don't want a gape. Some bras will give a little gape and that is more down to the shape of the cup or the shape of your breasts, but this should only be a small gape. Any more than that, and it's not supporting you enough.  You also need to be sure that the underwire follows the correct curve of your breast. Make sure that your breast does extend beyond the underwire under your arms, and if it does, it means that the cup is not big enough for you or that the shape of the bra does not work for you.

    They are all the key points. The main thing is to be honest with yourself.  Many fashion bras are designed for a night out, and not everyday wear.  Go for those pretty bras, but also make sure you get a bra / bra with enhancer or breast form combination that works for you with full support for everyday use. Your breasts and back will thank you for it when you are older.


  6. Choosing Bras

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    Choosing bras is really important when it comes to using breast enhancers.

    For them to work well, and give you the support and push-up that you want, we need a supportive well fitting bra. To start with, make sure the bra you wear is the correct size, especially around the band.  You can see my everso helpful guide here.

    For the shape of the bra, this really depends on the look you are going for and the shape of your breasts. There are all sorts, full cup, balconette, plunge, halterneck, bandeau etc.  The main things to look for are:

    If you are wanting to go for a rounded cleavage look, and will be going for an enhancer that will sit below your breast and push you up, be careful with buying a very low-cut bra at the front.  We don't want your pushed up assets breaking free!

    If you are wearing a very padded bra, it can be hard to get an enhancer to sit well, so less or no padding is better. The enhancer can do the job of the padding, and can move itself in the cup to ensure it is sitting well with the shape of your breasts for maximum effect.   

    Full cup bras offer the most support as they have the bigger cup.

    They can however show for some lower cut dresses and tops. Try them out with your lowest cut tops before you commit.  

    If your bra is a very thin fabric, you will be best with one of my softer styles.  Bumps between the enhancer your breast can show with the firmer styles, as they push you to the heavens, which does not show with normal bras.  

    I hope these little tips help when you are choosing bras to try with your enhancers and vice-versa.


  7. Tips For Great Results In Bikinis

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    With summer fast approaching and more and more of you emailing me about it, I thought it might be really useful to write a little about bikinis.  I am going to detail what works best with and without enhancers and the style of bikini that are best to look out for.

    The Bikini Problem

    The main issue with bikinis is that their cut and fabric is designed to be light, and therefore isn't supportive. There are styles that tie around the body, styles with thin straps to hold the bikini to your skin rather than to support your breasts, and styles with very small triangular cups.  The problem with these is the complete lack of support.  If you think about bras, the best results you will get are those that are structured.  They hold you in the right place and way, and allow your breasts to be held up, to be pushed up, to be held together and where you want them.  With bikinis, we go the other way by buying ones with little structure.  We can't fight gravity, so the result is that your breasts will sit lower, move around more, will not have any rounded or cleavage look at the top, will appear flatter, will appear smaller.  If any of those affect your confidence it's not good, but add the most important one that your breasts are not supported and therefore put strain on your back and neck, and it's time to rethink.

    Bad bikini 1 Bad bikini 2


    The Better Option

    The good news is the same kinds of bikinis work well with breast enhancers and without. 

    The secret really isn't a secret at all as we all know is....


    If you get structure in your bikini top you will be supporting your breasts to keep your back healthy, keep them healthy and keep them where you want them to be and how you want them to look.  If you choose to wear breast enhancers, you will also then give them something to push against to push you up or in, and ensure that they are well held in.

    What To Look For

    When choosing your next bikini, go for as bra a structure as you can.  This doesn't have to be boring as there are fabulous ones out there. They will look great and keep you and a breast enhancer well supported Go for styles like the ones here and you will find you get much better results.


    Supportive bikini 2Supportive bikini 3

    Don't forget all of my styles are safe to wear in bikinis and if you need any help, just get in touch.







  8. Are Your Fake Breasts Safe? BBC3 Documentary

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    As some of you may know I was in a documentary back in 2012.  It followed the PIP scandal, where it had been found that non-medical silicone had been used for internal breast surgery.

    I had no idea at the time of filming that it would be on a primetime BBC3 show, or that people would still remember me from it! 

    I've managed to at last get a copy of it and I've popped it onto You Tube.  Hopefully they won't mind now that BBC is no longer a channel apart from online. My shop had a rebrand after the documentary (it used to be called Silicone Sally, and you can see my section at around 48 minutes 50 into the documentary.  I would never actively argue against breast surgery and believe in choice for all women, but regardless you may find it an interesting thing to watch. 


    If you need any help or advice about anything raised in the show you can email me at any time.