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Wedding Season

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Wedding season is here and we have many of you lovelies asking about the best breast enhancers for a wedding dress, so here we go...

The first thing to consider when buying a dress is...will you be able to fit a strapless bra inside.  If you are choosing between two dresses and one will allow a strapless bra and the other won't, then ponder no more and go for the one that will.  When you are able to use one you have so many more options for an enhancer, which will only help you down the line.

The logic for this is simple, enhancers need good support in order to do their job.  If there is nothing for them to push against then they can't push you up to give you a lovely shape or killer cleavage and if they are not held in well, they will jiggle around and cause all sorts of problems.  That said, a strapless bra isn't the only option.  Is the dress is very tight, boned and has very good support at the bottom of the cup then you may like others certainly be able to wear one.  Don't despair, just give them a try, and take advantage of our returns an exchange policy.

Let's assume first that you are wearing a strapless bra, your dress is quite low-cut, and you need some uplift to maximise your assets.  Styles for this would be style 6 for smaller frames, and style 5 for frames of 36" upwards needing a noticeable change.  If you need a bigger change, and perhaps a bit of filling out of the corset cup as well, then go for style 7 in the smaller or bigger size depending on your frame.

If it is just filling out of the cup that you need, then go for style 8 or 9 in either size depending on the level of filling out you need.  Style 8 and the smaller style 9 are also great if you are unable to wear a strapless bra as they sit over the breast, allowing the breast to hold them against the breast and help hold them in.  If you need a big boost then go for style 9 in the bigger size which will help fill out a dress with a breast area that is a lot bigger than you need.

The big thing to remember is that the level of impact is also affected greatly by the size of the bra.  If you have a strapless bra that fits you well, then you will probably be able to fit styles 5 and 6 in without upgrading, but any bigger than that and you will benefit from a strapless bra with a bigger cup size.  Buy the enhancers first and then take them with you to get the best fit.  Strapless bras have a lot to contend with holding up your breast and simply cannot cope if too much extra weight is added.  Getting a bra that works well with them could make all the difference to the look and how well you feel it is all held in.

Now go forth and be confident on your wedding day. Know you look stunning and enjoy your day the way you should.

If you need more help just fill out the contact form and I'd be happy to help

Jo xxx

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  1. Zoe Oluyomi

    Hi there, I wanted some advice about chicken fillets as I've never used them before, nor have I ever worn a dress without a bra. When I went to my wedding dress fitting, I asked them if they could put some kind of support in the dress for my breasts as I'm not used to going braless (I have a mermaid fitting strapless dress). However, they said that the best thing would be to buy chicken fillets and stick them on my breasts to hold them in place. not sure about this option but it's because I've never used these before. I would appreciate your help and guidance on this. Thank you and hope to hear from you soon Zoe Hi Zoe - I've sent you an email :)

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  2. 58eveningdress

    Thank you for sharing valuable information.

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  3. Nicole Herold

    Hi, I have a similar problem to nicole which is also my name:) I have a fitted fishtail dress and I cannot fit a bra in there anymore but it has a bra (not a good one) sewed in. I have bought some cleavage boosters but I do not know how to attach them without falling out and how can they give a good boost without the extra bra? [email protected] (the spelling in nicole is meant to be like this) Thank you very much! Reply From Jo. Ooh my first post since my rebrand. In case any of you notice and wonder, my site used to be called Silicone Sally. Hi Nicole. I will reply to you here and send you on an email. It is always best to have a bra if you can. A bra does the job of pushing you up and supporting the breast enhancers so they can do an even better job as well. As you say, most wedding dresses don't allow for a bra, and have one kind of build in. The key things to work with the is 1. Make sure you don't over load the cup with an enhancer that is too big. 2. Make sure the dress is as tight as possible, especially under the breast area to stop them sliding down. Ideally you'd get them sewn into the dress by your dressmaker, or sew a basic little pocket for them yourself in the cup. This gives you the security that they will stay where you want them. If you can't do that, you can use some of the tape I sell to give extra support. The tape can damage them with long term use, but for a one-off like a wedding day it can be invaluable to make sure they stay put in a dress that is not as supportive as you'd like. Hopefully if you get them to sit exactly in the right position and stay there, then they can give you a really good boost even without the well structured bra to push against. If you need more advice just send me an email - [email protected] Jo xxx

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  4. nicole

    Hey, my wedding dress is a tight fish tail dress that is boned with a boned sweetheart bust but my books need a lift so I have no gap when moving about and to feel comfy. My old chicken fillets aren't quite big enough to feel comfy. I'm a small 30C cup,can you recommend something that will fill out the bottom to middle of the cup as I don't want anything showing at the top, especially when I'm waving my arms about later in the evening? Thanks! REPLY FROM JO @ SILICONE SALLY Email on the way :) It is not showing your full email address so I will send to .com and and cross my fingers. If you don't receive a reply but read this, just get in touch.

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  5. Celiday

    Hi Jo! My dress has a pretty deep v neck and plunging back, so I had to get a low back strapless that just doesn't lift me like it should. I have a pretty large bust 34dd, they just need more of a lift. Suggestions?? REPLY BY Jo at SILICONE-SALLY Hi Celiday. We should have no problems there - emailing you now :)

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  6. Tandy

    I have bought a lovely dress it fits perfectly but the bust is big the caps are quite big what do i do my bust is small am a 32? and my dress wont allow bra its a low back need your advice ASAP REPLY BY Jo at SILICONE-SALLY Don't worry - e-mailing you now Tandy :)

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  7. Emily Waddell

    Hi Jo, I have just had my strapless wedding dress fitted, and although it fits well ( aside from boned bodice breast area a bit bigger than I need) I feel like I need an extra push upwards to make it look better fitted. I have the 36d wonderbra to wear underneath, and would appreciate ideas to fill out the dress and give me some cleavage ( the strapless bra just doesn't seem to be doing it at the moment). Many thanks! REPLY FROM JO @ SILICONE SALLY Hi Emily, I'm sure I can help and will send you an email now with some ideas.

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