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The Dating Show Live

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I'm a blogging machine at the moment!

I just thought I'd let you know about my recent exchange with The Dating Show live, so you can learn more about my values and goals as a company,

I received this email from them:

Hello there,

I am trying to reach out to see if our upcoming event is of interest to you? 

Exclusively featuring First Dates who will be running a Cafe over the two days, 24th/25th November 2018, we are the largest and first of this size in the world when it comes to dating events, at an expected footfall of 10'000 singles hoping to meet and mingle over the two days at the Birmingham NEC. 

We have the fantastic Hilton Hotels,Hasbro Games, Capital Radio, Love Hearts, Mr Tinder (the most right swiped guy in the UK!),Melinda Messenger, and a lot of unique businesses from a hemp company, to up and coming makeup brands etc on board, we are keen to ensure there is also not numerous stands exhibiting similar products or services to each other. 

We also have a couple of big dating/relationship/fashion/lifestyle bloggers, authors also are involved, which is fantastic in terms of promotion through social media!

Please do get back to me if you wished to have a chat about the event and it possibly being of a good fit for you and Jo Thornton?

Best Wishes,


It sounds like fun doesn't it, and great for people who want to get out there and meet new people.  I'm certainly very intrigued by Mr Tinder.  Does he just go on non-stop dates?! 

 Mr Tinder (1)

Still, it's not the right fit for me and what I am trying to achieve for my little shop.  This was my reply:

Thank you very much for your email and your interest in my little store.
I don't think that it's the best move for me and the women at your event, even though commercially it is I'm sure!  I just don't like to place my products somewhere that implies that women need them to achieve dates/be attractive.  I prefer to market them for women's own confidence in themselves independently, balancing uneven breasts, filling out clothes that no longer fit, for use with post breastfeeding and mastectomy needs etc.   Of course many women want to wear them for first dates, to improve their confidence, but I don't personally feel comfortable marketing them somewhere that implies that I feel all women should wear them for a first date.  
Again, thank you for the email and I wish the show all the best :)
I'm not sure if they will understand, but hopefully they will.  I'm sure they have plenty of other stores that are very excited to be invited and many others they can approach.   It's lovely as a very small store to be contacted about these things, but until it's a show that is exclusively about the various elements of women's confidence and life experiences, it will always be a "thank you so much but no thank you" from me.
If you are single and ready to mingle though, head to Birmingham in November!

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  1. Angela Height

    I've had a lovely reply from them :) It sounds like a great show and it's great to have clarification about their goals. Hi Jo, Thank you for your comments but I think you may have misunderstood and I don't blame you as the name can be misleading. However, it is in fact very different to what you thought. The "Find Me Attractive" zone is very much around "being attractive inside and out". Being Attractive is something that shines from inside. We are so excited to be in final talks with Simply B and Jacamo about their fashion show and stand. This is really about celebrating who you are as a person, short, tall, curvy, slim, abled, disabled etc. Attractiveness comes from inside but of course we can all enhance what we have. Enhance the UK who promote sex and relationships for disabled have booked as well as Trendco who won awards for helping people with alopecia. John Scott, much-loved TV presenter and stylist who celebrates curves is fantastic at giving women of all ages inspiration. Find Me Attractive is about loving yourself, owning it and owning yourself and having the confidence to shine. If we can achieve that, we will be extremely pleased. I hope this explains our ethics. As creator of the Show I did worry when we called it "Find Me Attractive" that people would get the wrong idea but I hope I have allayed your fears. Being Attractive is how you feel, not how you look. Hugs Angela x

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