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Breast Enhancers Style Changes

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This week we will be making some great changes to our breast enhancer range.

Style 1.  We haven't sold style 1 for a while as we found it too small to be of much use, so this week it will become our old style 2 - the 120g simple half-moon "chicken fillet" style.  Style 2 will then be new bigger versions to bridge the gap between it and style 6.  The new style 2 will be the same shape as style 1, but come in 2 great sizes for more oomph - 150g and 180g per pair. 

Style 4.  This style is going through similar changes and is currently being manufactured in new sizes.  We have struggled a bit to get this shape to make nicely in larger sizes, but we have finally managed it and will get them on the site as soon as we can.  We are sure you will agree that they have been worth the wait once you see them.

Jo xxx

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  1. Sarah McGhee

    Hi Jo saw your products on amazon. My right breast is at least one size smaller than the other. What would you recommend to wear in rightside of bra to even out. Many thanks, Kindest regards Sarah Hi Sarah, I will send you an email reply to keep this chat private :)

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  2. carol kowrach

    I had a breast implant removed and it has left me with one breast smaller than the other. I would like to find something that I can put over what has been left to balance thr breasts. my bra size is 36b. if there is anything that can be suggested REPLY FROM JO: Thanks for getting in touch Carol, I can certainly help and will send you an email.

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