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New Amazon Images and Fashion Tape Options

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 Well it certainly has been busy lately!  You may have seen it in the news, but Amazon managed to patent the white background product photo.

 Granted, they have made it very specific in how it is lit etc, but with their new patent under their belt they have decided to enforce white backgrounds on their site.  I completely understand as a white background can make things very clean and simple, but it's been a nightmare for me!  I do have a shop on Amazon as many of you know and with the new requirements I had to retake all of my main images so that they fulfill the new policy.  This is time consuming enough, but my clear breast enhancers have of course been somewhat of a challenge.  After failing a few too many times and trying to convince Amazon to allow me to use contextual props (a bra) in order to help buyers understand what the product is I then managed to get some shots done.  They then disheartingly said to me that they do not have a pure background, and therefore require a whole load of editing.  As you can tell, this has taken a huuuuge amount of my time and I'm not fully there yet.  If you ever visit a seller's store with a clear image on a white background you can appreciate the effort that it took to enable you to see it in the first place :D

Is that really you style 8?! Are you there style 8?!

That's a little better,

but now I've got to make you really white!

We can just about see you now

In better news I've got some new extra sticky fashion tape strips in. I was pleased with my new tape factory but there seemed to be the odd application that the adhesive wasn't strong enough for.  It's a tough line of course to make sure that they are safe to use on skin, but I think I'm there with the new perfect level of stickiness.  Check them out here:


Until next time, wish me luck with my last lot of white background photos and of course HAPPY HALLOWEEN


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