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Poem - A Journey Unfolds

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In the hushed whispers of a searching soul,
A voyage unfurls, a tale to extol.
A spirit adrift, seeking its true form,
Amidst the tumultuous seas, weathering the storm.

In the mirrored depths, reflections distort,
A kaleidoscope of identities sought.
For within, a truth murmurs softly,
A gender unseen, yet yearned for loftily.

Through winding paths and trials profound,
Resilience thrives, where doubts abound.
Each stride forward, a triumph of will,
Embracing the journey, undeterred still.

From society's gaze to inner contemplation,
Navigating complexities, a transformation.
With every heartbeat, a soul finds its tune,
In the symphony of self, beneath the moon.

The world may resist, with ignorance rife,
But within the spirit, a beacon of life.
Transcending boundaries, breaking through,
A testament to courage, tried and true.

Acceptance blooms like a sacred vow,
In the garden of love, here and now.
For in embracing oneself, wholly and free,
Lies the essence of existence, unconditionally.

So let the currents of change guide the way,
As the journey unfolds, day by day.
For in the embrace of authenticity's grace,
Resides the profundity of a trans soul's embrace.

By Shaz

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