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Black Friday

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Black Friday. Instagram post.


It rolls around fast, but here we are again with another Black Friday/Black Friday week/Black Friday Month.

You can probably see that I'm not running offers for it here on my site, or anywhere else that you might find me.

The simple reason being that for an independent shop, it's become a beast that we can't contain. Buyers expect massive savings beyond the scope of what a small business can afford. It does depend on the business of course, so I can only really speak for my little store, but many of us keep our prices as low as we can and run on small profit margins all year round.  We operate our shops from a place of love and care for our customers, offering value and quality of service and product. Our costs are high, being such little enterprises who don't have the buying power of large stores, and we absorb those in order to offer a great value product.  

So, when it comes to massive savings, it's just something I can't do.  If I could do it, it would mean I would be charging you too much in the first place.  

I think that's a better way to run my store for you, and I hope you agree. 

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