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International Womens Day 2024

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International Womens Day

International Women's Day: A Celebration of Progress and Inclusion

Each year on March 8th, the world comes together to recognise the remarkable achievements and power of women and all those who identify along the gender spectrum. I'm sure you've come across it by now as I've noticed it gaining more momentum in recent years, which is wonderful.

IWD's roots stretch back over a century to 1909, a time when the fight for women's voting rights and improved working conditions was gaining momentum. The Socialist Party of America commemorated a garment workers' strike in New York. A year later, Clara Zetkin, a trailblazing socialist feminist, proposed an international day for women's rights at a socialist conference. March 8th 1911, saw the first official IWD celebrations across Europe, with over a million people rallying for voting rights, better working conditions, and an end to war.

The focus on peace became even more prominent during World War I, with women across Europe using IWD to protest the violence. The United Nations officially recognized IWD in 1975, during International Women's Year.

In recent years, IWD has expanded its focus to include and celebrate transgender and non-binary individuals recognising that the experiences of womanhood are beautifully diverse, and striving to uplift all voices.  This is echoed in this year's theme, which is "Inspire Inclusion," a call for understanding and valuing the importance of including everyone in the journey toward a more equitable world.

Celebrating in the UK

I couldn't find a large-scale, nationally organized Women's March today, so I don't think there is one this year, but there will be plenty of local events today and probably over the weekend. The fact that it's Mothering Sunday this weekend will probably encourage a lot more events to run. Expect to find engaging talks, workshops, marches, film screenings, and art exhibitions that shine a light on the contributions of women and non-binary individuals across the country. Many organizations also host insightful online events for wider accessibility. Fingers crossed for good weather for all the outside events! 

IWD offers a wonderful opportunity to reflect on the progress we've made and to envision a future where equality is the norm. While we set aside this special day, let's remember that we can champion the spirit of IWD every single day. I certainly try to, as it's so close to my heart. I'm sure you can all see from my site that championing Women's empowerment, across the entire spectrum, is as the heart of what I do. 

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