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  1. Breast Enhancers For Small Breasts

    Having small breasts can be a blessing and a curse.  I should know, I'm a 32B at the moment, but that can fluctuate. I love the fact I can walk around without a bra, but it can make fitting into some tops and dresses tricky.

    I don't have time to blog nearly as much as I'd like, but this morning I thought I really should do a little blog about this, so the styles for small breasts and bigger breasts to give more information.  The more information you have the better! I like to empower you to be able to find the style/s you need, but to also I am here whenever you need of course.

    First the main thing to stress is sizing and styles are not science. We are all different, with different shaped breasts and what works for one may not work for another.  The other thing to remember is the huge difference a band size can make. A 30A is incomparable to a 40A for example.  Going up each band size adds volume to the cup, so physically they are entirely different in size.

    So, with that in mind, let's delve in to some options.  

    Let's start with options for small cups.  If you have a small band and cup size, there is little room in the cup for us to work with. This means we can only add a very small amount if we want to stay the same cup size, and that will mean style 1 is the only option.  If you are happy to head up a cup size or two, this opens us up to styles 2, 3, 6, 8 and even 9a.  I can't cover all cup sizes here in this little blog, but using my size as an example, I can comfortably fit style 1 in.  For most of my bras, especially the ones that aren't the best fit to begin with and have a little room, I can fit style 2 in and get a great result. The same for style 3 and sometimes style 8, but in many of my bras, she shows a little above the cup as my cups are small.  I don't mind that as the result is nice and smooth when dressed, but that's not for everyone.  You can always check the dimensions of the styles on the product pages, but do remember they bend in the bra, so you can get a style that is 1 or 2cm bigger than your bra cup.  Style 6 is not an option for me in my normal sized cups, but when I try with a C cup, I get a nice result for many brands, and it's the same for style 8, but I do look bigger with this one as it cups my breasts all over boosting my side profile☺

    That is the next thing to consider, brands and the cut of the bra.  They are not born equal, so if you are looking for a long-term great look, I'd absolutely recommend that you find a bra that works perfectly with the enhancer that you like, if you don't already own one.  The result will be the perfect combination for you, and you get will reward you over and over. 

    For bigger band sizes to mine, so say a 36" band, you will have more room in your cup and find you need a little more to get oomph.  For you, style 3 is great for a smooth subtle bra filling, styles 6, 7, 8 and 9 are all good options too.  You can narrow it down easily by first working out how you feel you would like it to sit in your bra. If you would like it with a smooth natural breast cupping, then styles 3 and 8 are best.  If you would prefer it sits low in the cup, giving you a boost up for a bigger look, then styles 6 and 9 are great.  The next thing to consider is how big you want to go.  Style 6 is the smallest of these style 9 sits low, is bigger but is also softer so this can mean a little less push.  That will be fine for your needs as if.  If you only have very small breasts, you will not have much to push up, so we want instead to go for something that blends and gives you a boost.  This is why style 7 is not the best, as she needs a big more breast to work with than us smaller ladies have.  If you have around a 36B you should be ok, but smaller than that, you are better with other styles.

    If you are a 36" band and looking to move up to a bigger cup size, you will need a bigger enhancer, so take a look at styles 10 and 12.  

    If you are a 38" or bigger, the best options are style 9b and style 12.  We need a bigger enhancer to make a noticeable boost in your bra. Style 9b is great to help will filling out those bras a little, but if you are bigger than a 38" band, you will probably find you need to go straight for style 12. We need that extra volume.  If you are looking to move up the cup sizes, we will be best to take a look at the smaller breast forms that I offer, to get the volume you need. I hope to add even bigger enhancers in the future for this.  Style 11 should work well if you are a 38B or bigger, but again, if you are smaller than this, there will not be enough volume for us to boost using style 11. 

    Hopefully that information gives you a little more to confidence in what to look for and how they work.

    You can see all the breasts enhancers here, and contact me if you need advice