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  1. Lightbulb

    I was chatting to a customer yesterday, and I suggested that they drew out the breast form they are interested in on a piece of paper, following the images on the site to help with the shape.

    I then sat down in the evening and thought, why haven't I done that for you?! 

    With the breast forms, they have the advantage of all going up in the same size increments and can therefore be directly compared. The only difference is the shape and how that is distributed. 

    Some a wider and flatter, and some are narrow and deeper/perkier. 

    It would surely be great for you if you had a visual guide for that, and especially if there was a printout you could do for each size if you wish. That way you can print it out and compare with your bras/the forms you already have/your body shape to see what would work best for you.

    I've had a try and I can draw them out well, one on top of each other in different colours to show you which style is which.  It's not the swishest and most sophisticated way of rendering it, but I'm sure it will really help until I can work out a better graphics way to do it for you.

    The only challenge I can see is ensuring that if you print it, it's replicated exactly in the right size.

    Here is my first try and draft.

    300g Styles Comparison

    Teardrop Style 2 is in the purple (small and pert)

    The Triangle is in the orange (wider, concave back and a mid-shaped style)

    Teardrop Style 1 is in the green (taller and pert)

    The Pear Shape is in the red, and is the biggest style, but with the least depth so the most subtle style.


    I think it will be really helpful for some, so I will get to drawing and scanning these as best I can, and then making them available to see and download.  

    If anyone has graphics ideas and knowledge about how I can do this best, please do get in touch :)

    [email protected]

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  2. news I'm back up and running fully post-Covid and all the complexities it brought, and I've just remembered that I didn't let you know the great news.
    Style 12 is getting a bigger version!  Jo Thornton Style 12 Burgundy


    I started working on her a while ago and she went into production recently, and will soon be here for me to share with you.

    Style 12 works so well, with her concave back to give you a boost whilst sitting great against your chest of any size, but I am getting more and more 38/40/42" band ladies who have small cup sizes and would just like a little more shape.  This is the same for the trans community too, who are often in the wider band sizes, so need an enhancer with a little more width and the possibility for growth.  My current style 12 size is huge for ladies with smaller band sizes, but not quite wide enough for those with bigger bands needing a mid to bigger boost.

    The only option until now has been my triangle full breast forms in the 400g size, which is a big enough step up to make a good difference and give a great weight.  The issue for some has been the cost, as they come with a fully crafted and darkened nipple, which adds a great amount of cost. Many customers do not want/need this as they are looking for something more for the odd night out. 

    So, I decided in the New Year to go for it and make pairs in a 360g each side with no nipple. This keeps the costs right down for you, and makes them the biggest breast enhancer in my range, as they are a whopping 720g a pair. 

    She's due in soon, so I shall be getting the photos done and getting her on the site for you asap.  YAY!

    Out with the Old:

    With an equally heavy heart, it's time to say goodbye to style 7a.

    She was one of the first styles I made, right back in 2006 and has been a big part of my range ever since.  Over time I've developed new styles to the great range I have today, and there are sometimes a lot of overlap with styles that fit people. It can get a bit confusing with choice, plus there are still sizes that I can't cater for as much as I'd like to (hence the introduction of the bigger style 12).  I have to make space in my budgets and looking at style 7a, I realised it was time she retired after all her fabulous hard work through the years.  Most women find style 7b a better size, or are catered for with style 9, so it's a logical move to retire her and concentrate on new styles to help fill the gaps in my range.  I have lots of stocks left and I will keep these exclusively for my site alone, once the stocks run lower.  This should ensure that she will be available for a good while for those looking for a new pair.  After that style 7b will simply become style 7. 

    Goodbye my lovely style 7a, you've been fabulous! Style 7 party


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