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  1. This week we will be making some great changes to our breast enhancer range.

    Style 1.  We haven't sold style 1 for a while as we found it too small to be of much use, so this week it will become our old style 2 - the 120g simple half-moon "chicken fillet" style.  Style 2 will then be new bigger versions to bridge the gap between it and style 6.  The new style 2 will be the same shape as style 1, but come in 2 great sizes for more oomph - 150g and 180g per pair. 

    Style 4.  This style is going through similar changes and is currently being manufactured in new sizes.  We have struggled a bit to get this shape to make nicely in larger sizes, but we have finally managed it and will get them on the site as soon as we can.  We are sure you will agree that they have been worth the wait once you see them.

    Jo xxx

  2. As you may have seen, we were on a show called "Are My Fake Breasts Safe?" on BBC Three on Monday 21st May.

    In the program Gemma, the presenter and Former Miss Great Britain, looks at the breast implant industry and considers the alternatives to it.  You can see her friend Carly trying on some of our products and absolutely loving our style 9 in the larger size. You can see the lovely Gemma talking about the show here:




    You want to watch show itself? Oh go on then (blush)...


  3. We thought you'd like to know that we will be launching our new site this year, aimed as Transvestites and Transgender women. 

    We've loved serving you through the years, and will be launching this specific site so that we can offer more tailored advice and give you that friendly hug as you arrive so that you know you are most welcome.

    If you are in transition or growing your confidence, we will have the same great breast form store including the gel bra inserts of different sizes that are suitable for you, meaning you can increase the size as your confidence grows, or decrease the size as you transition.

    If it is some fun cross dressing or role play with a partner that takes your fancy, we will have the same range of subtle forms through to perky fun breast forms.

    We will let you know when we are up and running. 

    Until then....we hope you all enjoy the sunshine that is smiling down on us today.

  4. As we are sure you can see, our new site is here!  We've gone for a simple look and hope that you find it easy to navigate.

    We have 6 nice catergory images on the homepage for the breast enhancers, breast forms, single breast forms, premium mastectomy forms, nipple covers and tape.  We also have 3 handy image links at the bottom so that you can see our fitting/sizing guides.

    It will be evolving slightly over time, so if you spot something you think should be changed please do get in touch.

    Jo xxx

  5. Breast Form Prostheses and Breast Enhancers for Mastectomy and Lumpectomy Use

    Being told you have cancer is one of the worst things that can happen. Finding out you need to sacrifice one or both of your breasts in order to save your life can be, for many women, extremely difficult to hear. How we look to ourselves and to others is a fundamental part of who we are, and to suddenly face losing part of 'us' can be a horrible prospect.  We are here to help and can guide you through the process.

    Breast Enhancers for Lumpectomy Use

    If you have had a lumpectomy it can alter the appearance of your breast, making it sag more or just give the appearance of being 'less' than the other breast. In this instance we have a wide range of breast enhancers that can help fill out where the tissue has been taken, helping to give a more uniform appearance.  We can't guarantee a perfect fit, but we've grown our range to be the biggest in the UK so that we can offer more choice and options.  Send us an email to talk through your needs.

    Breast Form Prosthesis - For Mastectomy Use Without Reconstruction

    After a mastectomy, the first decision that is often made is whether or not to have reconstructive surgery. If you decide not to, then you will probably require a prosthetic breast, worn in the bra. Many women have turned to online sellers of mastectomy breast forms in search of a cheaper option than those prosthetic breasts available through hospitals. Browse our range or just tell us what size bra you wear, and we will endeavor to find you the best fit. Our new premium breast forms are light, comfortable, durable and comparable to the big brands such as Amoena.  Most importantly, they look natural and hopefully will allow you to learn to love your new shape in your own time. For those on a budget we also have our great value normal silicone breast forms in 5 different shapes.  Photographs of all the breast form prosthesis styles are in our shop, along with a size guide and helpful advice.

    Breast Form Prosthesis and Breast Enhancer Options - For Mastectomy Use With Reconstruction

    Even women who decide to have reconstructive mastectomy surgery may want to wait a while before taking such a big step. They may need time to heal after the initial major surgery, and may need to adjust to a big shock such as cancer before having more radical surgery. A silicone prosthetic breast is ideal for this transition period. It gives a great natural look, is extremely comfortable, and can help women get used to their post-mastectomy body. In addition, some women may require tissue expansion before they have breast reconstruction. This is a process where an inflatable breast implant is placed in a pocket under the skin and muscle of the chest. Over time, fluid is gradually introduced into the tissue expander to increase the amount of skin around the area that will eventually hold the implant after the reconstructive surgery. Even in this scenario, we can help thanks to our comprehensive range of breast enhancers. After the initial surgery, you may wish to use a larger style in your bra, and as the expander is increased in size you can reduce the size of the breast enhancer you use.

    We want you to know that you are not alone and you can rely on us to do our best for you.

    If you need advice or just a chat, send an email to or use the contact form.

    All emails are dealt with by Jo and you can be assured of friendly and confidential service.

  6. Silicone Sally News January 2012

    Farewell 2011 and hello there 2012

    We couldn't let 2011 go by without this quick thank you for helping us acheive all we have in the last year.  We continued to grow and focused on building our reputation and delivering top service and low prices.  Our great range of breast forms continued to thrive making us the most exciting new store for them in the UK.  In August we moved our website to a new internet hosting company, enabling us to deliver better content and a clearer layout for the shop for you all.  We have had some wonderful feedback from you, and will be making even more changes in 2012 (coming later...).   In December we brought in free shipping for UK buyers to the site so that there is a clear simple pricing structure and added Special Delivery as a checkout option for when you want to be sure that your item will be given priority and arrive quickly for you.   All these changes we hope have made the Silicone Sally site better for you, but we of course welcome feedback at any time.

    Changes to the Silicone Sally store in 2012

    We've rolled one out already...a new logo banner.  It's clearer and simpler and is a sign of things to come. 

    New product images - currently being shot, the site will have new product images to fit in with our new simple website colours.

    A new home page - clear and simple with all the information you need

    Product videos - we hope to add these later in the year, so that you can see every product more clearly and understand the different shapes and sizes.

    A new range of triangle breast forms - lighter, softer and easier to wear, our new breast forms will be ideal for mastectomy use.  We have designed them to be like the Amoena essential, but essentially for us, with a cheaper price tag.  We know that money is tight for us all at the moment, and will continue to create new products that are well made and affordable as often as we can.  The new range will be in our shop within the next month.

    Changes to the breast enhancer (aka chicken fillets) range - some of our styles do not of course sell as well as others.  We take note of this and will be making some changes along those lines during the year.  If we are removing a style from our range we will give you good notice so that you can stock up if it is your favourite.

    We can't wait to bring in all these changes for you and we hope you love them!  Please keep your feedback coming, and we wish you all a wonderful 2012.


  7. Wedding season is here and we have many of you lovelies asking about the best breast enhancers for a wedding dress, so here we go...

    The first thing to consider when buying a dress is...will you be able to fit a strapless bra inside.  If you are choosing between two dresses and one will allow a strapless bra and the other won't, then ponder no more and go for the one that will.  When you are able to use one you have so many more options for an enhancer, which will only help you down the line.

    The logic for this is simple, enhancers need good support in order to do their job.  If there is nothing for them to push against then they can't push you up to give you a lovely shape or killer cleavage and if they are not held in well they will jiggle around and cause all sorts of problems.  That said, a strapless bra isn't the only option.  Is the dress is very tight, boned and has very good support at the bottom of the cup then you may like others certainly be able to wear one.  Don't despair, just give them a try, and take advantage of our returns an exchange policy.

    Lets assume first that you are wearing a strapless bra, your dress is quite low-cut, and you need some uplift to maximise your assets.  Styles for this would be style 6 for smaller frames, and style 5 for frames of 36" upwards needing a noticeable change.  If you need a bigger change, and perhaps a bit of filling out of the corset cup as well, then go for style 7 in the smaller or bigger size depending on your frame.

    If it is just filling out of the cup that you need, then go for style 8 or 9 in either size depending on the level of filling out you need.  Style 8 and the smaller style 9 are also great if you are unable to wear a strapless bra as they sit over the breast, allowing the breast to hold them against the breast and help hold them in.  If you need a big boost then go for style 9 in the bigger size which will help fill out a dress with a breast area that is a lot bigger than you need.

    The big thing to remember is that the level of impact is also affected greatly by the size of the bra.  If you have a strapless bra that fits you well, then you will probably be able to fit styles 5 and 6 in without upgrading, but any bigger than that and you will benefit from a strapless bra with a bigger cup size.  Buy the enhancers first and then take them with you to get the best fit.  Strapless bras have a lot to contend with holding up your breast and simply cannot cope if too much extra weight is added.  Getting a bra that works well with them could make all the difference to the look and how well you feel it is all held in.

    Now go forth and be confident on your wedding day. Know you look stunning and enjoy your day the way you should.

    If you need more help just fill out the contact form and I'd be happy to help

    Jo xxx